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Voyage to Yourself (targets anxiety / burnout) 205 Minutes

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Description & Prices

Reignite your flame with this therapy targeting burnout and anxiety. This is a steady journey taking you from the height of busy life to restoration and intentional reanimation. 

  • Meditative Tranquility+ [15-20 Minutes] 

  • Herbal Face & Scalp Spa [30 Minutes] 

  • Custom Therapeutic massage [90 Minutes] Energy work, Hot Stones, Hot Towels, Somatics, and/or Hot Bamboo included  

  • Simple Body Polish (scrub massage) [50 Minutes] 

  • Nest and Nap w/ a snack & beverage [15 Minutes] 

     The techniques in this service are tailored with medical massage techniques that work with the nervous system, and elemental balancing from traditional medicine systems like Ayurveda. First we bring about a slow rest through the beginning and mid-portion of the service. Somatic techniques can assist in the mind-body link, and the assisted on-table meditation helps you get into the head spaced needed to be able to actually exit the physical anxiety state and thought processes. Towards the end, an invigorating body scrub assists in reenergizing you both physically and mentally, and remediates the state of post-anxiety or burnout exhaustion.

~Savings $10   


205 minutes.....$295

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