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Re-Vitalizing Refuge (targets pain) 220 Minutes

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Description & Prices

Holistic spa day targeting pain & symptom relief: 

  • Meditative Tranquility w/ acupressure and reflexology [10 Minutes]  The meditation that this service begins with involves somatic techniques that assist the nervous system in becoming more receptive to the massage techniques, and often promotes a feeling of safety that allows the body to calm nociceptors (pain receiving nerves) before the physical portion of the service begins. 

  • Evaluation and Custom Medical Massage w/ medicinal herb oil or cream blend [90 Minutes] The evaluation allows us to understand your unique causes of pain, and the massage is customized to any of our medical, orthopedic, or other techniques to provide personalized relief or remedy.

  • Heat therapies of choice

  • Simple Body Polish (scrub massage) [50 Minutes]  Body scrubs aid in lymphatic and circulatory flow to reduce pain from ischemia (lack of blood flow) that affects postural issues- commonly found in the body's compensation patterns when pain is present.

  • Custom Herbal Face Massage [15 Minutes]

  • Custom Herbal Scalp Spa [15 Minutes] The scalp and face services within this package are tailored to craniosacral and/or myofascial techniques that help with full body pain and spinal/cranial nerve decompression. 

  • Energy Work [15 Minutes] Tailored to your needs, either as a relaxation aid to calm the nervous system's role in pain production or to use traditional medicine approaches towards related energy centers of your body's pain areas.

  • [optional] Castor Oil pack within massage time (aids in fibrotic tissues of the abdomen like cysts, scar tissue, endometriosis, fibroids, etc) 

  • Paraffin treatments areas of choice [10 Minutes] Aids in skin health, joint, and muscular pain with deep, gentle heat 

  • Nest and Nap [15 Minutes]

 ~Savings $36  


220 minutes.....$320

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