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Jikiden Reiki ("Directly Taught")

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Description & Prices

A personalized, in depth session using original Reiki methods from Japan. Reiki means "Spirit Energy", and is an energy based healing method for mental, physical, and spiritual ailments.  

Explaining Reiki:  The energy itself does not require or apply to any one specific belief system. Some people view it as prayer energy, healing energy, intention, spiritual energy, energy of the Universe or God, etc. Some individuals who don’t affiliate with any spiritual beliefs view it as an increase in electromagnetic energy in a relaxing environment, or the works of the mind. Regardless, our protocol for delivering the service is specific to its origins in Japan, but the idea of the existence of this energy is relatively universal and applicable to anyone. The foundation is that it is never the practitioner’s own energy or ego involved- they are just providing a pathway to bring the healing energy to what needs its assistance. It is thought that Reiki then aids the body in facilitating its own mental and physical recovery processes.   

What a session feels like:  Sessions are not directly meditations (unless you’d like your practitioner to guide you into a meditation or you want to do so yourself), but they often have a very calming, meditative feel. The physical experience of the session involves the practitioner systematically placing the hands on or around the body, typically honing in on the areas of client concern. Hand placement can also be intuitive. Clients may experience sensations of heat, coldness, emotion, relaxation, tingling, and reduction of pain and tension throughout the session. But note that every experience is different, not just person to person, but also session to session.   

On the practitioner end, feedback is felt from the client’s body which guides us on how long to direct the healing or spirit energy to the client in specific areas. We may interact with areas where blockages or lack of flow are felt, sensed, or described, or calm areas of excess energy.  Some Reiki techniques are hands on, but this is not a massage and can be performed without direct touch. On occasion, the practitioner or client may have either positive or neutral intuitive visuals or experiences during a session.   

We are also equipped with very specific techniques for distance healing and emotional or mental ailments.  

You may have heard that there are different “types” of Reiki. There are many Western variations such as Kundalini Reiki, Holy Fire Reiki, etc. The Reiki practiced here is differentiated with the term Jikiden, meaning "directly taught" or "as my teacher taught to me". It is what has been preserved of the original practice. This experience may be different than some of the other Reiki services you’ve experienced in the past. Please see the footnote** below to learn why.  This session is Reiki alone using the procedures passed down from Mikao Usui, while the Customized Energy Healing sessions may combine a wide array of sources. Both are beneficial in unique ways.        

We strive to expand access to traditional and energy medicines via affordability. 

First Visit Rates 

60 minutes..... $51 

90 minutes ..... $76   

Regular Rates 

60 minutes ..... $60 

90 minutes ..... $90  

**Footnote regarding Original Reiki:     Reiki is a term used for a system of delivering energetic or spiritual healing as developed and described by a person named Mikao Usui. When he realized how interacting with this energy could help people, he created a specific methodical system showing others how they can also connect with and pass along this healing. He passed along to his students sentiments rooted in Buddhism and Japanese culture, teaching values like patience and humility, to help practitioners find peace and stay connected to their ability to provide this healing to others. He developed nuanced structure and feedback systems to use when delivering a treatment, and chose the term Reiki to describe this practice.   

Often, the term Reiki is misused in the West, or a highly modified version of Reiki is used without this being specified. Westernized Reiki derivatives may pull from the chakra system used in Ayurvedic medicine (India) or other healing practices. Some Western Reiki classes no longer teach the foundations of Mr.Usui’s methodology despite being marketed as Reiki classes. Even our anglicized terms, such as “Reiki Master”, are contrary to the practice of humility that Reiki was born in. Instead, we may choose to use the term “practitioner” for one who practices Reiki.   

Reiki simply means "Spirit Energy", which is found within all individuals regardless of what word is used to describe it. Balancing and healing with this energy is not specific to any one culture or person, but we’d like to respect and preserve the foundations, techniques, and cultural elements passed down from Usui-Sensei through his original version of Reiki, particularly when using his own words to describe our service.   

This does not mean Reiki cannot be blended with other healing methods, but that each modality is unique in origin and practice, and this should be specified and taken into account when learning or selling sessions of these methods. For this reason, we offer multiple ways to experience Reiki and other forms of energy work- either as a traditional Reiki session in the way Mr.Usui practiced, or in a combined custom form in which the other methods used are also honored, disclosed, and studied well.   

Energy work has been used globally since ancient times, and every origin, derivative, and combination are powerful and useful. However, differentiating original methods from modified methods, and using language to differentiate the techniques, allows us to maintain quality and power of the practices, give credit where it is due, and seek reputable learning sources. Most importantly, it also ensures clients are able to consent to the specific services being received.    

Our Reiki Education:     Our traditional Reiki services are learned from Jikiden ("Directly Taught") Reiki, of which the teachings are regulated and passed down by the Jikiden Reiki Kenkyukai (Institute) in Kyoto, Japan. 

This was founded by individuals that were taught within direct lineage of Mr.Usui.  

Practitioner: Jonathan   

Course Levels Completed: Shoden, Okuden (Full practitioner capabilities, no teaching capabilities)  

Education: The lineage of teachers to your provider are as follows: Mikao Usui -- Dr. Churjiro Hayashi -- Chiyoko Yamaguchi -- Frank Arjava Petter -- Nikki Ward (taught Shoden) / Nancy See (taught Okuden) -- Jonathan Bowling

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