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Customized Energy Healing

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Description & Prices

Energetic healing methods from various origins are intuitively integrated into a customized healing service. 

The systems we have received training in and may use during your service include:  

  • Reiki (Japan) - The sending and balancing of spirit energy using the system as described above  

  • Chakra balancing (India) - Balancing the energy within the 7 main energy centers along the spine and head, and some smaller chakra points within the joints.  Aura sweeping (India) - Removing imbalances within the energy field surrounding the body that correlate with spiritual, emotional, and physical symptoms.   

  • Other Ayurvedic methods (India) - Elemental theories (doshas and their associated elements), medicinal oils, and massage techniques or marma points (energy points) may be used for assessment and treatment.   

  • Five Element Theory (China) - Associations of elements to body parts, organs, symptoms, meridians, and various other natural elements help us assess energetic needs and imbalances based on in depth correlations established by Traditional Chinese Medicine. Acupressure points may be used during the massage to balance qi (life energy).   

  • Plant medicine (Turtle Island [Indigenous America], Africa, India, China, Indigenous Europe) - Herbs, plants, and natural elements may be used for space clearing or bodily energetic cleansing and protection via heating, smoke cleansing, or topical use. White sage is an endangered Indigenous American medicine. It is rarely used in our practice, and never store bought. It is within our teachings that plant medicine in general is best obtained home grown, self-harvested, or as a gift, and the energy of the plant itself is to be respected during harvest. We do our best to ensure quality standards when obtaining our medicines. Examples of plants/elements we may use: Lavender buds, bay leaves, prairie sage, juniper, cedar, Asian mugwort, Himalayan pink salt, and more. (Allergy notice: Let us know if you have any allergies, but we always obtain your consent before involving these elements)  

  • Ancestral and Guide Healing (Global) - With your permission or request we may call upon your guides and healed ancestors to support your healing. If unhealed ancestral trauma or ancestors show up as part of your healing journey, we call upon the healed energies that are connected with you, with protection, to guide you and your lineage safely to resolution.  

Please feel free to let us know if you have any specific requests for the types of healing used. Otherwise we'll go over your current needs and health, and intuitively integrate a combination of the above specifically for you.  

First Visit Rates 

60 minutes..... $51 

90 minutes ..... $76   

Regular Rates 

60 minutes ..... $60 

90 minutes ..... $90

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